Formal recognition of the committed partnership between two people of the same gender is something to celebrate.

Whilst same-sex marriages are not legally recognised in Australia, GLBTIQ couples forge their own path by creating meaningful rituals for themselves and publicly declaring their loving partnership through a commitment ceremony shared with family and friends.

This ritual can take on any form you choose, it may resemble a marriage ceremony or it may be a less formal gathering ..... anything that's right for you both. It has been my privilege to conduct many same-sex ceremonies and I constantly marvel at the optimism and creativity that abounds – in spite of the obstacles set by our government. After all, it's a celebration of love and it's my job to help you create a memorable occasion for all.

A commitment ceremony is equally applicable to any couple who may wish to publicly recognise their commitment without the legal formalities

Debra we were so nervous about holding a commitment ceremony, but after five years of being together we wanted to "bite the bullet" and throw a party! The way you listened to us and were able to put together a fun yet warm ceremony was just what we were after. We also really want to thank you for the sensitive way you acknowledged the role our parents have played in our lives and wove that into the ceremony. Whilst it hasn't always been easy, they are so important to us, and we couldn't have been happier with the result (and nor could they!). Thanks so much.

Tim & Daniel