Hello! I’m Debra

Whatever you need my services for, my job is to assist you to pull together a ceremony that reflects the people we are there to celebrate and honour.

Having conducted over 800 weddings and commitment ceremonies, and over double that of funerals in the past 11 years, this is no hobby for me; it’s my profession and a delight to be able to offer a caring, organised and seamless service.

Having come from a human services and teaching background, people have always rocked my world! I have lots of experience and practical support to offer, having worked with diverse communities from all walks of life.

I’ve also benefited enormously from my voluntary commitments; in palliative care – providing companionship and support to the terminally ill through to Boards of Management in not for profit organisations.

I  embrace diversity in our community and delight in the myriad of ways that people from all backgrounds and walks of life celebrate life, death and everything in between.

Debra was charming and patient, listened to our ideas and provided us with a book that works as a guide to help simplify choices in the ceremony. Both meetings we had she come to us which was very convenient. Many guests commented on how lovely the service was. Would recommend Debra.
Cathy W.

We loved Deb the second we met her – warm hearted and a happy soul, she made us feel at ease and taken care of from the start. Our ceremony was perfection & exactly us. 4 of our guests are now contacting her for their weddings! Very highly recommend Deb.
Natalie Z.

Debra brings a special warmth and intelligence to every interaction. Our guests commented on these attributes universally. We were delighted that Debra was part of our day and thank her for guiding us through the ceremony and attending to the associated paperwork with such diligence and care.

Sarah T.