It has been my great privilege to work with many families in saying farewell to loved ones when they die.

Organising a funeral can be very difficult for the family in dealing with their grief and the prospect of arranging a complex event in a very limited amount of time.

Honouring and saying goodbye to a friend or family member not only acknowledges their lives and achievements but assists you in your grieving.

When you choose a funeral director you can request the celebrant of your choice to liaise with the funeral arrangers. This can eliminate much of the stress involved in preparing for the funeral and enables you, along with family and friends to contemplate other matters such as the eulogy, or a wake.

As well as liaising with the funeral director I can assist you to put together and also to deliver the eulogy.

When planning a funeral I will sit down and discuss what form you wish the ceremony to take. I am respectful of traditions and family rituals and keen to work these into the ceremony wherever possible.

While it is a time of sorrow, it's also a celebration of a life lived so all the extra touches, such as photographs or special music can be accommodated.

Debra, thank you for all your skill and grace in being the celebrant for the Asbestos Diseases Memorial Service. Your manner and words and style were prefect for a very difficult and important event. You were able to bring people who did not know each other together and weave an event/ritual which moved the group through acknowledging all the grief in the room but had an undercurrent of strength and resilience. Your work was deeply admired and commented upon by the members of ADSVIC I spoke to after the service. Thank you

Donna Jackson 
Hubcap Productions

Living Wake

Of growing interest has been an event which I call a "Living Wake."

Several clients who have had life threatening illness have requested a structured event to bring together family and friends to celebrate their life and achievements before they pass away. This event has provided a focus on the importance of relationships and what they have meant over a lifetime and has given the people in attendance a chance to say goodbye.

The Living Wakes I have conducted have been emotion filled, light-hearted at times and unbelievably empowering – particularly for the "guest of honour."

It's not for everyone, however the Living Wake has meant a great deal to certain clients as well as their extended circle of loved ones and friends.