Whether it’s formal or lighthearted, or somewhere in between, my job is to assist you to pull together a ceremony that reflects you as a couple and also meets the legal requirements under the Marriage Act 1961. The venue, style and content of the ceremony is entirely up to you

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times! I have developed an easy-to-use online tool to guide you through each element of the ceremony. It helps remove some of that stress by assisting you to tick all the legal boxes, choose meaningful words, craft a ceremony that you are both happy with and deliver that ceremony on the day and in the manner in which you choose.

Having conducted over 800 weddings and commitment ceremonies throughout the past 11 years, this is no hobby for me; it’s my profession and a delight to be able to offer a caring, organised and seamless service. Having come from a human services and teaching background, people have always rocked my world! I have lots of experience and practical support to offer couples, having worked with diverse communities from all walks of life.

My ultimate aim is to see a happy and stress-free couple not only on the day but in the lead-up to your wedding.


As part of my fee I take care of all of the legal requirements.

The requirements for marriage in Victoria are:

  • Completion of your Notice of Intended Marriage at least one calendar month and one day prior to the date of your wedding.
  • Producing the necessary forms of identity, such as birth certificate, divorce papers (if relevant) amongst others.
LGBTQ Ceremonies

Formal recognition of same sex relationships is now recognised and available to the LGBTQ community from the 9th January 2018.

Finally, ALL people in Australia are able to celebrate a marriage ceremony – yee haa!!

LGBTQ couples have been forging their own path by creating meaningful rituals for themselves for many years.  Commitment ceremonies have been publicly celebrating love and relationships declaring their loving partnership through a commitment ceremony shared with family and friends for many years and now – finally – these can be recognised in law.

It has been my privilege to conduct many same-sex ceremonies and will work with past couples to formalise their relationship according to the Marriage Act 1961.  

So now, a commitment ceremony is just that – a wonderful celebration that couples might choose to hold to bring together family and friends to publicly recognise their commitment without the legal formalities

Rituals & Events

It’s not just weddings and funerals that bring people together these days. Increasingly; people are interested in celebrating or marking significant milestones in their lives.

Whether you’ve considered renewing your wedding vows or celebrating an important milestone, I can help you plan and deliver a fun and memorable occasion.

As Master of Ceremonies I will keep your event flowing smoothly and ensure all formalities are covered, leaving you free to enjoy the party.

Other causes for celebration include:

  • ​Naming Ceremonies
  • Renewal of vows
  • Memorial ceremonies
  • Anniversaries
  • Moving house
  • Overseas travel
  • Divorces
  • Reunions
  • Significant birthdays

Really any excuse will do!